ARINC Named Distribution Partner By Inmarsat For SwiftBroadband In Aviation Markets


Annapolis, Maryland, USA, April 1, 2010—ARINC Incorporated today announced it has been named a Distribution Partner (DP) by Inmarsat for its high-speed SwiftBroadbandSM satellite communications service.

ARINC is the world’s largest provider of aeronautical satellite communications for commercial airlines, government/military and business aviation. Its new status as Distribution Partner will result in a number of compelling tailored solutions for the aviation market, since ARINC can purchase airtime directly from Inmarsat, instead of through intermediate providers.

“ARINC plans to provide SwiftBroadband connectivity in a one-stop transaction,” said Andy Hubbard, ARINC Aviation Solutions Director, Europe, Middle East & Africa. “Our customers will not need to source a communications pipe separately, as it will be part of a package with flight applications, connectivity software, and technical support.”

Perry Melton, Inmarsat COO, said “Inmarsat is delighted to further extend our long-standing partnership with ARINC, which has a prominent position in delivering end-to-end solutions for the Aeronautical industry. Working with partners like ARINC is key to the continued success and record growth of SwiftBroadband we have seen to date.”

Bob Richard, ARINC Senior Director, ARINC DirectSM said: “ARINC welcomes this major step forward in our longstanding and successful business relationship with Inmarsat. The designation of Distribution Partner validates the capability and quality of ARINC’s global services operations.”

ARINC offers a range of aircraft applications on the “classic” Inmarsat services of Aero-L, Aero-H/H+, and Aero-I, as well as Swift 64 and SwiftBroadband. The company launched a new marketing initiative for SwiftBroadband to customers effective April 1. As a Distribution Partner, ARINC will be able to sell high-speed SwiftBroadband service more aggressively in its traditional markets of Commercial Aviation, Government/Military, and Business Aviation, as well as in direct sales to other Service Providers.

SwiftBroadband provides ground-to-air and air-to-ground connectivity up to 432Kbps for high-speed data. It is capable of supporting a wide range of crew and passenger applications, Voice communications, Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) applications, passenger telephony including in-seat, mobile, VoIP and text messaging, E-mail, Internet, intranet, instant messaging, secure VPN access, and in-flight news updates. SwiftBroadband can also provide a pre-determined quality of service through streaming classes of 8, 16, 32, 64 or 128kbps, and higher bandwidths.

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