TrueNorth Announces First Simphone Global Broadband Certification


Worldwide business broadband system certified on Gulfstream IV

Ottawa, Canada (March 11, 2010) —TrueNorth Avionics, Inc., has announced the
initial supplemental type certification (STC) of its Simphone¯ (pronounced ‘symphony’)
Global Broadband System, a compact and affordable high-speed data for worldwide
business aviation. Featuring proven hardware powered by Cobham technology, the
Simphone¯ Global Broadband (SGBB) system provides enterprise-level Internet data
service throughout the flight regime, including on the ramp and at altitudes below 10,000
ft. AGL. The SGBB configuration also featured the first use of Cobham’s new IGA 5001
intermediate gain antenna. All sales, installation and certification for this project were
performed by Mid-Canada Mod Center, Mississauga, Ontario, on a client’s Gulfstream IV
aircraft. The system included TrueNorth’s revolutionary Simphone¯ OpenCabin™ airborne
telecommunications system, which uses a suite of enterprise-level software applications
(‘apps’) to bring advanced voice and data-management capabilities to business aviation.

“Just as Simphone¯ OpenCabin solves the problems of substandard voice and data
management, our Simphone¯ Global Broadband System lets business aircraft passengers
use the Internet anywhere their aircraft flies,” said Mark van Berkel, TrueNorth’s
president. “And operators will appreciate the convenience of unrestricted data access,
easy installation and low-cost operations,” he added.

“Having now completed and certified several projects incorporating TrueNorth’s
Simphone¯ product line, we have found the technology, support and ease of use first rate.
Their Global Broadband application is following the success we have had in the past and
provides our customers a worldwide solution for their business operations in the sky,”
said Bill Arsenault, VP of Mid-Canada Mod Center.

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