Simphone OpenCabin Chosen For Falcon EASy Installation


New TrueNorth cabin communications system selected after independent ‘fly-off’ test
Ottowa, Canada (February 9, 2010)– After independent tests among the leading airborne telecommunications systems, TrueNorth’s advanced Simphone¯ OpenCabin system has been selected for retrofit on its first Falcon 900EASy executive aircraft. Determining that only Simphone¯ OpenCabin offered the clarity, volume, longevity and performance its executives desired, the corporate Falcon EASy operator sent their newly delivered aircraft to the Dassault Service Center in Wilmington, DE, for a telecom upgrade to TrueNorth.

A revolutionary software-centric concept, the new Simphone¯ (pronounced ‘symphony’) OpenCabin system uses a suite of enterprise-level software applications (‘apps’) to bring advanced voice and data-management capabilities to business aviation. Since current hardware-centric airborne telecom systems are heavy, complex, expensive to install and prone to obsolescence, TrueNorth developed a converged solution that interfaces with virtually any corporate aircraft, turning the airplane into an extension of the company’s IT and communications networks. Benefits include robust performance; an unlimited lifespan; enterprise-level security; significant long-term cost savings; and the ability to add a wide variety of custom functions by simply uploading software.

“We’ve heard that operators of these high-end aircraft are tired of noisy, poor-quality voice calls, where passengers complain about not being able to communicate clearly. They want to be heard ‘loud and clear’, and Simphone¯ OpenCabin lets them do that, along with many other things,” noted Mark van Berkel, TrueNorth’s president.

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