IMS Is Among the “Fastest-Growing Companies” Three Years Running


Brea, CA (November 16, 2009) – For the third consecutive year, The IMS Company, a diverse technology solutions provider focusing on communications and entertainment solutions in the aerospace, government and travel markets, has been named to the list of “100 fastest-growing private companies” in tech-heavy Orange County, California, by the Orange County Business Journal (OCBJ), IMS chairman and CEO Joseph Renton has announced.

“In view of the overall economic downturn, and the severity of the inflight entertainment and communications sector in particular, we are pleased to continue being among Orange County’s fastest-growing,” said Renton.
Earlier this year, IMS expanded its operations with the acquisition of FlightDeck Resources, a leading provider of Electronic Flight Bag solutions to commercial airlines, corporate aviation, air cargo and aircraft fleet operations worldwide. With that acquisition, IMS created “IMS FlightDeck” as an operating division along with IMS Engineering and IMS Entertainment, said Renton.

The company expanded its In Flight Entertainment and Communications (IFEC) product offerings in 2009 with the announcement at the WAEA Conference and Exhibition in Palm Springs, California, of a light-weight, low-cost embedded IFEC system that “leaves the head-end-centric architecture behind” says Renton. Called RAVE™, this system is architected so that all content, applications and playback capabilities reside at each seat rather than at the head-end.

IMS also recently announced a new generation of embedded data loaders utilizing solid state technology that offer significantly faster content load speeds, increased storage capacity, and the ability to interface with multiple IFE systems. “Migration from the Removable Hard Disk Drive (HDD) to Solid State (SD) media is definitely paradigm-changing,” says Renton.

IMS continues to be a key engineering solutions provider on complex programs such as Joint Tactical Radio Systems (JTRS), On Board Network Services program, for 787 and 747-8 aircraft and highly specialized engineering for numerous unmanned vehicle platforms.

Founded in 1996, The IMS Company is an entertainment and communications solutions provider in the travel industry and a systems and software solutions provider to the aerospace industry and the military. Organized into three business units, IMS serves more than twenty commercial airlines with portable entertainment, wireless communications, and content management services via IMS Entertainment. Via IMS Engineering, the company provides advanced systems and software engineering support in the development and deployment of the latest in inflight entertainment, cabin avionics, and media distribution systems, as well as engineering services and software development services to unmanned vehicles and software-defined radios. The recent acquisition of Flight Deck Resources resulted in the creation of a third unit, IMS Flight Deck, which provides Electronic Flight Bag and other solutions for the flight deck. IMS has expanded into the provisioning of content services and hardware solutions for business aviation, rental car, rail passenger, and related markets reaching the traveling public.

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