Tyco Electronics Announces the Availability of the World’s First Independent Lab Conducted 10GBASE-T Comparative Test Study


GREENSBORO, NC. – November 13, 2009 – Tyco Electronics’ AMP NETCONNECT business unit has announced that the third-party test laboratory GHMT AG has completed the first independent study of UTP (“Unshielded Twisted Pair”) vs. STP (“Shielded Twisted Pair”) systems for 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GBASE-T). With the growing demand for IP bandwidth and end-user driven high speed services like the transmission of huge media entertainment files, medical records or research files, this study offers conclusive proof that the ideal cabling infrastructure system to support 10GBASE-T and larger applications is shielded copper.

This first-of-a-kind comparative study of two U/UTP and one F/UTP and two S/FTP systems from five market-leading vendors was conducted “live” using real 10GBASE-T equipment and traffic in environmental conditions established in international MICE (Mechanical, Ingress, Chemical and Electromagnetic) classifications. The study was conducted by GHMT AG, an independent test laboratory founded in 1992, an ISO/IEC 17025 certified third-party lab and one of the world’s leading cabling test labs. GHMT specializes in cabling and systems, EMC analysis and concepts, as well as wireless applications.

Key findings in the GHMT study include:

  • 10GBASE-T is very noise sensitive due to higher transmission frequency and lower signal levels caused by more complex coding schemes
  • Shielded systems offer high coupling attenuation and therefore extraordinary ANEXT (Alien cross-talk) and EMC performance
  • Unshielded systems show significantly weaker ANEXT performance and coupling attenuation because of balance-only based noise reduction
  • Unshielded systems failed four out of five electromagnetic immunity tests as specified by the international MICE definitions to describe different environmental levels
  • Shielded systems work with 10GBASE-T “by design”, while UTP systems require an increased level of time consuming and costly “immunity installation” practices

Full details of the study can be found at: www.utp-vs-stp.com

Web site: http://www.tycoelectronics.com/
Tyco Electronics Ltd. is a leading global provider of engineered electronic components, network solutions, specialty products and undersea telecommunication systems, with fiscal 2009 sales of US$10.3 billion to customers in more than 150 countries. We design, manufacture and market products for customers in a broad array of industries including automotive; data communication systems and consumer electronics; telecommunications; aerospace, defense and marine; medical; energy; and lighting. With approximately 7,000 engineers and worldwide manufacturing, sales and customer service capabilities, Tyco Electronics’ commitment is our customers’ advantage. More information on Tyco Electronics can be found at http://www.tycoelectronics.com/.

The AMP NETCONNECT business unit of Tyco Electronics, develops, manufactures, and supplies a comprehensive range of communications infrastructure systems and products for customer-owned networks in most every industry. As a leading provider of commercial premises structured cabling systems for optical fiber and twisted-pair copper technologies, Tyco Electronics has broadened its AMP NETCONNECT product portfolio to include a complete line of infrastructure management solutions, data center solutions, 10 Gigabit solutions secure network solutions, and asset management solutions. More information on AMP NETCONNECT products can be found at http://www.ampnetconnect.com/ and www.ampnetconnect.eu

Since its establishment in 1992 as a vendor-independent and impartial test lab, GHMT AG has been concerned with the complex field of physical transmission security in networks, computer centers, and industrial plants. GHMT AG provides high-end services including analyses, expert opinions and concepts, as well as tests, expert inspections and the development of installation standards in the areas of: Cabling & Systems, Electromagnetic Compatibility and Wireless Applications.

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