PlaneBill launches PlaneRoaming


WAEA, Palm Springs CA – October 08, 2009 – PlaneBill launches “PlaneRoaming”, an innovative system that lets the passengers with a Wi-Fi enabled PDA or smartphone receive SMS and voice calls on their cellular number inflight on a Wi-Fi equipped aircraft with any air-to-ground connection without the need of an onboard cellular Pico-cell, and without the involvement of any mobile operator.

PlaneRoaming consists of a client , which runs on most popular WiFi equipped PDA such as iPhone, Windows Mobile , BlackBerry, Android , Symbian, and that can be used either on the ground or on the plane. The system is completed by an onboard server and by a ground server which maintains the planeroaming database and control the system operations. Web based interfaces allows the operator to control the service, and by setting up the tariffs. By splitting the service between the ground segment and the air segment which is operated by the airline or aircraft operator, roaming agreements with all possible mobile operators subscribed by the passengers are not necessary. Furthermore the airline can choose freely the tariffs, which can be bound to the passenger class.

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