AeroMobile Hails “Transformational” Lufthansa Deal


Following today’s announcement (Monday, October 12) of Lufthansa’s adoption of AeroMobile’s in-flight mobile phone technology, AeroMobile chief executive Bjorn-Taale Sandberg said:

“This is an industry transformational deal spelling out that major airlines are recognising the need to keep their passengers connected with broadband and cellular connectivity, covering mobile phones and Blackberries.

“As the only in-flight cellular provider operating commercially in the wide-body market today we clearly recognise the demands of the long haul business traveller – this commitment reaffirms AeroMobile’s position as the industry leader.

“AeroMobile is unique in providing airlines with flexibility and a future-proofed connectivity vision. We have customer commitments from airlines operating Inmarsat Classic Aero, Swift64, SwiftBroadband and now Ku band. Lufthansa’s commitment to Panasonic’s multi megabyte Ku band solution, eXConnect, will allow AeroMobile to deliver a much richer user experience, provide more comprehensive value-added cellular services and a growth path to 3G.”

AeroMobile, which was the first company to offer in-flight mobile phone services in full commercial service when it launched with Emirates in March 2008, is currently installed on over 50 wide-bodied aircraft across six aircraft types with Emirates and Malaysian Airlines. This figure will rise into three figures in 2010 as AeroMobile’s equipment is installed across with its customer base of primarily long haul flag-carriers.

The Lufthansa announcement, which sees AeroMobile’s equipment installed through Panasonic’s eXPhone system, means AeroMobile now has commitments spanning all wide-bodied aircraft variants including B747 and A380.

Mr Sandberg added: “Having taken in-flight connectivity to the next level with Panasonic back in 2007 when we carried out the world’s first commercial trail with Qantas, we’re delighted to be associated in another step-change in the airline industry’s connectivity story.

“This new development with Ku-band recognises the huge potential growth in mobile technology, which we are already seeing on a day-to-day basis with products like the iPhone. Soon the ability to use this technology will be second nature in the air as well.”

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