SafeCell Test Low Cost In-Flight Mobile Phone MMS


October 5, 2009 — ASiQ Limited announced today that it has successfully tested the new MMS capability of the SafeCell system on the latest Thuraya network and the existing Inmarsat network.

Having recently launched a low cost cell phone solution for Bizjets using the Iridium satellites, ASiQ is now concentrating its efforts on the upcoming airline program. As part of the airline system passengers will not only be able to send inexpensive SMS, IM and text email from their mobiles, but also photos. SafeCell MMS is a proprietary system that can deliver an in-flight MMS service from as little as 50 cents globally.

Ron Chapman ASiQ’s CEO stated, “The only way to provide cost effective mobile phone communications is to stay outside the global mobile roaming system, thereby avoiding roaming charges, which are standard with the existing in flight mobile phone solutions. Also by focusing on data only, we are able to substantially reduce the cost and weight of the hardware to less than 10% of competitive systems, making it affordable for all airlines. The first certifiable hardware is scheduled for delivery later this year.”

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