AIRVOD Launches Crystal 7 the smallest, most robust portable player with a staggering 20 hour battery life


Dublin, Ireland – Oct 5th, 2009 AIRVOD, the world leader for innovation in the portable IFE sector, today announced theexciting launch of their latest portable IFE product Crystal 7.

AIRVOD’s in-house design team are continuing to surpass expectations. AIRVOD are nowbuilding solidly upon the success of their flagship mach 5 player, after celebrating a repeatorder earlier this year from Jetstar Airways.

AIRVOD continue to pioneer and develop impressive new solutions and will announce anumber of new customers shortly.

Introducing Crystal 7 – The smallest Portable Player ever!

• Most cost effective solution
• A staggering 20 hour battery
• New Capacitive Multi touch Display
• Up to 160 players stored in a standard trolley
• Only weighs 490 Grams
• Up to 100 movies on demand

Crystal 7 now offers airlines the most cost effective solution for their IFE needs.

Crystal 7 is the ultimate tailored IFE solution. Players that are designed for the consumermarket pale into comparison with this ‘genuine’ IFE offering. Indeed Crystal 7 sets the barvery high and demonstrates very clearly that trying to modify consumer devices to makethem fit into an IFE environment is sub optimal.

“Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?” Consumer devices make exaggerated claimsbut fall far short of the operational excellence required to deliver a sustainable aircraftentertainment solution. Indeed many struggle to deliver even a 6 hour battery life amongstoverstatements of prowess with disclaimers in the small print! Crystal 7 carries an RTCAD0160-F certificate as further proof of its thoroughbred credentials.

Size matters- but so does performance! Not all players can go the distance!

“A critical success factor is that AIRVOD have full control of the product developmentroad map- this is a key differentiator- and should be a primary consideration for an airline when selecting their product strategy” said Terence Bonar, Chief Executive Officer at AIRVOD. “Unlike AIRVOD companies who simply distribute consumer devices have nocontrol or say in the development process and airlines run the risk of the product beingdiscontinued or becoming obsolete. AIRVOD can ensure that you stay ahead of the gamewith reduced risk and superior product performance. We are the smart choice in the currentclimate”

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