IFExpress Exclusive – IMS Acquires EFB Solutions Provider


Despite the economic downturn, The IMS Company is continuing a pattern of strategic growth initiatives with this week’s announcement that IMS has acquired Flight Deck Resources, a leading provider of turnkey Electronic Flight Bag solutions. As IMS chairman Joe Renton points out, this strategic acquisition enables IMS to “sell products and services to our customers not only in the back of the aircraft but also in the front of the aircraft.” This extends IMS’ product reach from passenger services to flight crew services, an area in which IMS has previously offered only applications and not a full suite of solutions, and increases IMS’ presence in the business aviation and air cargo markets.

Upon absorption into the IMS infrastructure, Flight Deck Resources becomes “IMS Flight Deck”, an operating division of The IMS Company alongside IMS Entertainment and IMS Engineering. “The acquisition is part of a strategic initiative to provide an integrated package of products and services that are synergistic and complementary,” Joe Renton told IFEXpress.

IMS Flightdeck will now offer the SkyTab Electronic Flight Bag product line. These FlightDeck Management Systems are all single piece Class 1 and Class 2 portable EFBs under FAA-AC-120-76A, and are capable of hosting and displaying digital terminal procedural charts, GPS data, company policies, and preflight planning applications, as well as exceedingly complex functions such as performance calculations and display of real-time weather info.

Coming in the same month as its announcements of a large portables sale to Kuwait Airways, that included a three-year support deal and recurring content management services, as well as a portables sale to Air Gabon, IMS still maintains it primacy in the portables space, and is demonstrating an aggressive and strategic approach to the business, even while the broader market feels the downward pressure. “It is our perpetual intention to continue to find strategically sound and prudent ways to grow our business and extend our product reach,” Renton told IFEXpress. “This acquisition is one of them.”

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