Oman Air selects Rockwell Collins avionics for next-generation 737 fleet


CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (March 18, 2009) – Oman Air has selected Rockwell Collins to provide avionics for its fleet of 12 next-generation Boeing 737 aircrafts (6 leased, 6 direct purchase). Oman Air will also retrofit its current fleet of 9 next-generation Boeing 737 aircraft with the Rockwell Collins Data Link products.

“This is an important win as we look to further expand our presence in the Middle East,” said Jeff Standerski, vice president and general manager for Air Transport Systems at Rockwell Collins. “We are extremely honored to provide next generation avionics and information management capabilities which will provide Oman Air with a solution that will increase efficiency of their aircraft operations, enhance situational awareness for their pilot, and ultimately provide added comfort and safety for their passengers.”

Rockwell Collins MultiScanTM Hazard Detection System is among the avionics selected by Oman Air. The MultiScanTM system is the first and only radar that analyzes and determines actual weather hazards, not simply atmospheric moisture content. The MultiScanTM system is derived from extensive operational experience to create a fully automatic, hands-free airborne radar system that reduces pilot workload, enhances safety and passenger comfort by minimizing unexpected turbulence encounters, and provides optimal clutter-free weather displays.

Rockwell Collins Data Link system supports current Mode 2 31.5 Kbits/sec VHF data radios and is the future platform for air traffic control Data Link mandates such as Link 2000+. It allows flight crews to request and receive messages such as clearances, flight plan updates, weather data, diversion and emergency reports and passenger lists. The system can be tailored with application-specific menus and messages to further enhance efficiency and optimize operations. The system also supports the automatic downlink of engine and fuel performance data, which can be used to reduce maintenance and operating costs.

Oman Air also has selected Rockwell Collins sensors. Products selected include: ADF-900 Automatic Direction Finder, DFA-901 Direction Finding Antenna, DME-900 Distance Measuring Equipment, HFS-900D High Frequency Data Radio,CPL-920D Coupling Unit, GLU925 Multi-Mode Receiver,PAU-700 Passenger Address Unit, LRA-900 Low-range Radio Altimeter, TPR-901 Mode S Transponder,VHF-2100 High Speed Multi-Mode Data Radio, VOR-900 VHF Omnidirectional Range Receiver, and TTR-921 Traffic Alert Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) II Receiver/Transmitter.

In September 2008, Oman Air selected Rockwell Collins to provide its Airshow 4200D Moving Map and Flight Information System and Rockwell Collins’ Tailwind 560 in-flight TV system for seven of the airline’s Airbus 330 fleet.

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