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We heard from a few companies about what they will be showing at the Aircraft Interiors Conference in Hamburg Germany, March 31 thru April 2. See the details. From an IFE perspective, you should go to this show! Not only is it the “other” IFE showcase, it is the biggest airplane interiors show in the world. There are lots of cheap fares, cheap hotel rooms and the show is free to visit and walk thru the displays. With respect to the show itself, we will be covering it in a new way so keep checking our new web presence… ’nuff said.  

While there, here are a few tips we gleaned: 1. Don’t miss VT Miltope, not only will they be rolling out a new broadband service, they have a BIG DEAL partner. 2. Both IMS and digEcor promise new portable entertainment options that sound very interesting, 3. No doubt, Lumexis will showcase a smaller in-seat HD module. 4. We hope and pray Panasonic brings back the massage chairs! 5. Thales has a 3D product that appeared in demo form at the WAEA last fall but we want to see a new product based on that technology. We are expecting advances in seat weight technology; new, smaller IFE devices that marry portable technology with imbedded mounting and power; a new wireless connectivity entrant; and a new IFE supplier. We are also wondering if digital projection will ever make a comeback because the projection hardware has become much more reliable, lower in weight and size as well as costs. It will also be interesting to see next phase in fiber optic IFE development from Sicma/Zodiac. 

Almost finally, a wireless caller asked if we were going to run some news this week or more of that “portable IFE legal wrangling stuff” again? “Yes and No” was our answer. Here is a link to a response from digEcor about the recent court ruling between them and e.Digital. And finally, here is a link to the Temporary Operating Ticket from Row44 to put that one to bed too.

See you at AIX!


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  1. Brinder Bhatia says:

    Like your new format…good luck Patricia.


    PS. Oh, Terry, I did’nt mean to forget you!!

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